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There are many 3PL providers that can get your package from Point A to Point B. That being said, it’s not just about how your packages are handled—it’s also about how your customer is treated. This is where WayPoint Logistics differs from the rest.

Offering the tools, the integrity and the commitment, WayPoint Logistics excels in customer service. For every deadline and specific need that your clients may have, we ensure a pleasant and positive experience from beginning to end. If they’re your customers, then they’re our customers, too.  

As a business that is family-owned and operated, we realize that relationships matter. From the teamwork within our own organization, to the connections that we build with customers, we prioritize respect and honesty every step of the way. At the end of the day, great partnerships lead to great results.

From our advanced GPS tracking system  to our highly secure facility, your shipment is passed through each stage with precision and efficiency to guarantee a seamless delivery for your end-user. 

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