Critical Parts Warehousing

Critical Parts Warehousing in Bloomington, IL

Protecting Your Assets as You Would

It’s not easy to trust another company with your critical parts. Even more, many 3PL providers fail to manage your inventory with the accountability that you need (and deserve).

Here at WayPoint Logistics, we fully understand the level of responsibility that’s being passed along to us. When you need a local, reliable 3PL partner to store your critical parts, WayPoint Logistics is committed to helping your business prosper in the Midwest.

Equipped to Meet Your Specific Needs

Shipping demands aren’t always standard—and circumstances often arise when you least expect them to. No matter what you need stored, whether it be computer parts, medical equipment, or household goods, WayPoint Logistics will help you find the solution that fits.

We serve many different industries, and will customize our services to develop a service plan that works for you. When other 3PL companies fail to meet your deadlines and demands, WayPoint Logistics takes the lead to help you with your regional needs.    

Our Location: Your Access to the Major Midwest Cities

WayPoint Logistics is located at the hub of four major Midwest cities: Chicago, St. Louis, Davenport and Indianapolis. When your critical parts are ready for delivery, our transportation services can deliver your shipment to any of these cities, and everywhere else in between. Our headquarters in Bloomington, IL gives you the most direct and immediate access to cities like Normal, IL, Peoria, IL, Champaign, IL, and the rest of our service areas.

Looking for prompt, timely solutions? Our on-demand service will quickly prepare your inventory for shipment, and then reach the final mile for an efficient delivery.

We offer a range of delivery services, and specialize in final mile delivery. Regardless of your specific needs, WayPoint Logistics is always ready to seamlessly transport your inventory and provide your end-user with a quality delivery.

Choose from Either Our WMS, or Your Own

WayPoint Logistics has its own WMS in place to provide you with real-time inventory updates, along with convenient online access to view and manage your inventory 24/7. Or, if you already have your own system, we will happily work with your existing systems and software.

Additional Warehousing Services

Offering both short-term warehousing and long-term warehousing, WayPoint Logistics will store your inventory for any duration of time.

We also specialize in a number of additional warehousing services, including:

Plan Your Critical Parts Warehousing With WayPoint Logistics

To learn more about storing your critical parts in our facility, contact WayPoint Logistics or call our facility at 309.661.3744 today.

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