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Same-Day & Next-Day Courier Service in Bloomington, IL & Normal, IL

Delivering Your Shipment With Precision & Speed 

Local businesses excel with localized solutions. Oftentimes, the large national carriers and shippers are not equipped to meet your urgent and specific demands. So, when your transportation needs are being forced to coincide with the larger chains, your company suffers because of it.

WayPoint Logistics knows that you deserve better. From one local business to another, we prioritize your shipping needs to maximize your business’s potential.

Same-Day Courier Service

WayPoint Logistics specializes in hotshot solutions, with a full understanding of your deadlines and tight turnarounds. When you can’t wait for FedEx or UPS to deliver the next day, our team can pick up and deliver your package in the same day, within a 300-mile radius.

Next-Day Courier Service

Your package never gets lost in the shuffle when it’s in our hands. With our next-day service, we’ll pick up your package by the end of the day and have it delivered the following day by your designated time. Providing customized solutions throughout the Midwest, WayPoint Logistics gives your shipment the customized care and management that you need to keep your end-users satisfied.

Expedited Service for Your Most Urgent Deliveries

Need it now? WayPoint Logistics can have your package delivered within one to four hours as part of our expedited service.

Schedule Your Next-Day or Same-Day Courier Service With WayPoint Logistics

When deadlines are tight, WayPoint Logistics offers customization capabilities that the larger national carriers cannot.

To schedule your same-day courier service or next-day service with our team, fill out our online form or contact WayPoint Logistics at 309.661.3744 today.

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