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Choose Reliability for Your Supply Chain

The transfer of goods to the final destination is often referred to as, “the last mile problem.” This phrase speaks to the inefficiency and carelessness that often pervades final mile services. Rather than meeting specific delivery requirements, many 3PL providers fall short during the very last leg of delivery.

Our niche at WayPoint Logistics is final mile delivery. Whether your package needs to reach a home or business, our staff fulfills every delivery requirement—every time. When you need a team to come through for you, WayPoint Logistics gets the job done.

Delivering a Strong Finish for Your Business

With E-commerce rising at an exponential rate, the market is more competitive than ever before. And so, how your partners handle the final mile is critical to customer satisfaction. It paints your company’s image, and can either make or break your competitive edge. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the right final mile carrier to partner with, in order to protect your company’s reputation.

We understand just how competitive and demanding E-commerce has become. Consumers are expecting faster and faster lead times—which is why you can’t afford to partner with a negligent final mile carrier that will miss your promised ETA. At WayPoint Logistics, we know the importance of achieving the shortest on-dock times possible; that’s why we strive for some of the most rigorous KPIs.

Partnering with WayPoint Logistics for your final mile delivery will help your business surge ahead. Our mission is to be an asset to your network and help your business provide a superior customer experience, from start to finish.

Why Choose WayPoint Logistics for the Final Mile?

Certain industries have strict delivery requirements and regulations. We understand that not every delivery can be simple. Sometimes, shippers and their customers need a little more attention. When those extra steps need to be taken, from special procedures to white-glove assembly, we excel with the provisions that cause other carriers to fall short.

From sizing restrictions to specific delivery times and services, our experts coordinate all of the details to ensure a seamless solution for your end-user.

Offering Specialized Delivery in Bloomington, IL

In addition to final mile delivery, WayPoint Logistics offers a number of specialized delivery services, including:

Strategize Your Final Mile Delivery With WayPoint Logistics

E-commerce has revolutionized shipping practices. As these processes become more demanding, so do your deliveries.

To conquer the final mile with confidence, schedule your order online or call WayPoint Logistics at 309.661.3744.

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