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Long-Term Warehousing in Bloomington, IL & Normal, IL

Your Competitive Advantage in Central Illinois

You don’t always know when your inventory will need to be shipped or delivered. And so, when your products need to be stored for a longer period of time, it’s crucial to find a 3PL provider that you can trust.

At WayPoint Logistics, we do more than just store your products—we protect your inventory with the attention and efficiency that you need to remain focused on your business.

WayPoint Logistics: Where Every Product Is Crucial

At WayPoint Logistics, we fully understand that every piece of inventory is a vital business asset. That’s why, regardless of what’s being stored, you can feel confident that your merchandise will always be accounted for and handled with the utmost care.

Whether you need long-term warehousing, short-term warehousing or critical parts warehousing, our warehouse in Bloomington, IL was built to accommodate your specific needs.

Our facility is monitored around-the-clock, with an alarm system and closed circuit surveillance that includes archived footage and keypad access. In addition, our warehouse is temperature-controlled to preserve the integrity of your products. WayPoint Logistics is secured to TSA standards, with an STA-approved office and warehouse staff. Our delivery drivers hold valid STA#s and are always ready to get your critical parts and supplies on the next flight out.

At WayPoint Logistics, shrinkage (at any level) is not viewed as an expected and acceptable part of inventory management. Our security, processes, diligence and professionalism work concurrently to eliminate unnecessary shrinkage of your valuable business assets.

Tracking Your Inventory at All Times

Whether your inventory needs to be stored for a few weeks or several years, our eyes never leave your merchandise.

Using either our WMS or your own, WayPoint Logistics provides you with real-time status updates. Offering unmatched accountability and integrity, you will always know the current status of your inventory—guaranteed.

Ready for Delivery? We’ve Got You Covered

When your inventory is needed onsite, WayPoint Logistics’ expedited service makes your deadline our deadline. We understand the importance of your customers’ satisfaction. Located in Bloomington, IL, we offer the greatest coverage area in Central Illinois with access to all Midwest cities in rapid time.

You can choose from our many transportation services to find the right solution for your business. Specializing in hotshot and final mile services, our professional and experienced staff will always provide a pleasant experience for you and your end-user.

Our Other Warehousing Services

Fully committed to meeting your every need, WayPoint Logistics also offers a number of other warehousing services, including:

Schedule Your Long-Term Warehousing With WayPoint Logistics

Storing your products means trusting another business to protect your crucial assets and properly manage your inventory.

At WayPoint Logistics, we know what your products mean to you, which is why we look after your merchandise as you would.

To arrange long-term warehousing with our team, contact WayPoint Logistics or call our facility at 309.661.3744 today.

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