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Scheduled Courier Services in Bloomington, IL, Champaign, IL & Beyond

Making Your Deadlines Our Deadlines

When you pay for a service, it should be provided at your convenience. Nevertheless, many 3PL providers show little regard for your schedule and time constraints.

At WayPoint Logistics, we know that you have a tight schedule. That’s why, with our scheduled courier services, we make our schedule fit yours. From one business to another, we understand that there are times when you need to be flexible in order to sustain your business. That being said, with our scheduled services, we demonstrate all of the flexibility—so that you don’t have to.

Regardless of when you need your package delivered, our team will accommodate your schedule within a four-hour window or time-specific appointment.

Dedicated Routes for Your Most Critical Shipments

WayPoint Logistics has the vehicles and tools to meet your specific transportation demands. With our dedicated routes, we’ll put aside one of our vehicles for your shipment, exclusively. This way, your package will be delivered as quickly as possible with no other freight or stops in between.

Explore Our Additional Courier Services

Time plays a major factor when delivering your packages or your customers’ packages. In addition to scheduling your delivery for a specific time of day, WayPoint Logistics accelerates and enhances the delivery process by offering a wide range of courier services.

For the most time-critical situations, our expedited service will deliver your package within a one- to four-hour window. Or, with our same-day courier service, we’ll pick up and deliver your package in the same day, within a 300-mile radius.

Need your package delivered quickly, but not by the end of the day? As part of our next-day courier service, our team will pick up your package by the end of the day, and then deliver it the following day. Whether your package needs to be delivered within 24 hours or the following day, each of WayPoint Logistics’ courier services are strategized to leave your end-user satisfied.

Schedule Courier Services With WayPoint Logistics

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