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Why WayPoint Logistics: Your Guide for Transportation Management

Finding the Right Fit for Your Final Mile

You can interpret the word “logistics” in a thousand different ways. Because the term is used so broadly, you might not know which 3PL company can best meet your clients’ specific needs and key metrics.

Here at WayPoint Logistics, we keep things simple. This way, when you need service, you’ll know what to expect from our team—and why we stand out from the rest.

Our Specialties & Strengths

Transportation management encompasses many different services and strategies. At WayPoint Logistics, we excel in final mile and hotshot/expedited solutions. When the stakes are high, we get your package where you need it, when you need it.

We’re There When You Need Us Most 

For every sudden circumstance or deadline that you’re facing, we are the team that gets the job done when others crumble. When the mission is critical, you can’t turn to just anyone. No matter the situation, WayPoint Logistics rises to the occasion to keep your business moving forward.     

With WayPoint Logistics, You’re In the Right Place (Literally)

Located at the crossing point of three major interstates, WayPoint Logistics can transport your freight to all major Midwest cities in rapid time. Situated in the heart of Illinois, WayPoint Logistics is not only the right decision for your supply chain management, but also, the smart one.

Our Facility Safeguards Your Transportation Management 

Adhering to all TSA standards, our facility keeps your packages organized and safe. For every moment that your shipment resides in our warehouse, our online management system allows you to track your packages and monitor your inventory in real-time.

When your shipment needs to be transported, we have the credentials and capabilities to make things happen. For example, with our Next Flight Out (NFO) service, we’ll quickly place your packages as cargo on passenger aircrafts to provide the fastest delivery time possible.  

Begin Your Journey With WayPoint Logistics

To learn more about how our team can partner with you as your third-party logistics provider, fill out our online form or call WayPoint Logistics at 309.661.3744 today. 

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