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Freight Forwarding in Bloomington, IL, Pontiac, IL & Beyond

Directing Your Shipment With Care

As your freight moves through each shipping stage, you remain concerned about how your shipment will be handled between Point A and Point B.

With WayPoint Logistics’ freight forwarding services, we are the driving force that guarantees a positive outcome for your end-user.

Executing Your Freight With Organization & Efficiency

There’s no doubt about it: transportation management can be complicated. That’s why, when you seek a third-party provider for freight forwarding, it’s important to choose a team that will do the job right.

At WayPoint Logistics, our technology and warehousing services manage your inventory with the utmost precision and care. When you need to ship your products, either on schedule or at a moment’s notice, our team is there to seamlessly move your shipment into the next stage. 

Located at the intersection of three major interstates, WayPoint Logistics is at the hub of connecting your supply chain to the entire Midwest. We will get it to the final mile with ease and efficiency, no matter where your shipment needs to go.

Additional Freight Services

WayPoint Logistics works with clients of all sizes and industries, and offers a range of freight services, including:

Arrange Your Freight Forwarding With WayPoint Logistics

To partner with our team for freight forwarding services, fill out our online form or contact WayPoint Logistics at 309.661.3744 today.

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