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Your shipping strategy can either make or break your business, making it crucial to find a cost-effective, efficient solution that works for you.

Many companies fail to give their shipping practices the attention and coordination that they warrant. Ultimately, this oversight is reflected in poor service quality and unhappy customers. When your business can’t operate to it’s full potential, your profit remains below the threshold. 

WayPoint Logistics wants your company to rise above and prosper throughout the Midwest. Using our transportation services, you can optimize your supply chain and command a strong presence in your market.

Solutions That Go the Distance

Whether your business is near or far, our transportation services deliver the outcome that you need, when you need it.

WayPoint Logistics offers three categories of transportation services, including:

Are your customers nearby in the Central Illinois area? Our courier services are tailored entirely to your key metrics and deadlines. Offering dedicated routes, expedited service and more, WayPoint Logistics partners with you to make your shipping strategy less of a hassle, and more of an asset to your business.

A key element of logistics is executing strategic, seamless solutions that promote efficiency; and this is exactly what you can expect with each of our freight services. Our less than truckload service (LTL), liftgate service and other solutions all work to your benefit, ensuring smooth deliveries and satisfied customers. 

Many companies and 3PL providers struggle with the final mile. At WayPoint Logistics, our specialized delivery solutions keep your end-users happy with superior service. Final mile delivery [LINK TO Specialized Delivery>Final Mile Delivery page], white glove service, blanket wrap—no matter what you need, we customize our services for your customers—and help you preserve the positive image that you’ve worked hard to build.

We understand that cost-efficiency is an ongoing concern. If your inventory needs a holding place in the Midwest, our warehousing services [LINK TO Warehousing page] are at your full disposal. From warehousing to inventory management, our cost-effective solutions optimize your supply chain for the long term.

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As E-commerce continues to dominate your market, your business needs to adjust accordingly. Taking all of your shipments from point A to point B in a timely and efficient matter is easier said than done. However, when you partner with a local 3PL provider that specializes in these challenges, your business can thrive with a strong, stable supply chain.

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