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Reverse Logistics in Bloomington, IL

Keep Your Business Moving Forward

Reverse logistics is an overlooked arena. Even more, it’s often managed poorly, and can take a toll on your business expenses.

Why should your business suffer over something that’s manageable? At WayPoint Logistics, we know the ins and outs of reverse logistics—and can help your business thrive in this crucial sphere.

E-commerce: The Fuel of Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics was something that most companies didn’t think about until the situation presented itself. But with the continual rise of E-commerce, it’s clear that the backflow has a significant impact on costs and supply chain management. In order to survive in their respective markets, companies need to have a solid game plan for reverse logistics.

Maximized efficiency and minimized costs: this is the ultimate goal of any business. Knowing the weight that reverse logistics holds on supply chain costs, you need to devote as much attention to this process as your shipping procedures.

At WayPoint Logistics, we want your business to move forward, not backward. Stepping in as your 3PL provider, we will manage your reverse logistics on your behalf. This way, you can remain focused on your day-to-day operations—without losing money through the backflow.

Helping You Retain Your Profit

WayPoint Logistics specializes in final mile services, and takes every possible measure to satisfy your end-user with a reliable, efficient delivery. That being said, there are times when product returns cannot be avoided, requiring your business to efficiently handle reverse logistics.

Our team can remove equipment and other unwanted materials, and then store them in our facility. We also have the technology and capabilities to productively manage your inflow of returned materials.

Whether your product will be resold, refurbished or scrapped, WayPoint Logistics partners with you to seamlessly manage the complexities of reverse logistics—and maximize your profit in this crucial arena.

Need to ship your inventory back to the manufacturer? Our transportation services will get your products where you need them as quickly as possible.

Additional Warehousing Services

Do you need your product shipped quickly upon return? Our cross-docking service will properly organize your products, and then transfer them onto outbound trucks.

To benefit your supply chain with the most productive, cost-effective solutions possible, WayPoint Logistics offers a range of additional warehousing services, including:

Optimize Your Supply Chain With WayPoint Logistics

Reverse logistics is a complex procedure to undertake—which is why many companies fall short in efficiently recovering their products.

To strengthen your supply chain and effectively retain profit with a solid reverse logistics plan, contact WayPoint Logistics or call our facility at 309.661.3744 today.

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