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Short-Term Warehousing in Bloomington, IL & Normal, IL

Temporary Solutions, Lasting Results

With 9,000 sq. ft. dedicated to short-term warehousing, we have the capacity to accommodate your fluctuating storage needs with bulk, floor and standard pallet rack space available. 

WayPoint Logistics’ multi-client facility is ideal for your short-term warehousing needs, allowing you to only pay for the space that you need—and never more. This arrangement can be the most cost-effective solution to accommodate businesses’ seasonal nature or special regional projects.

At WayPoint Logistics, our facility is fully equipped to meet all of your inbound and outbound needs. Whether you simply need a place to hold your freight, or are looking for additional services such as consolidation and will call staging, we are equipped to handle it all.

The Location & Security That You Can Count On

Our Central Illinois location gives your business an immediate advantage. Headquartered in Bloomington, IL, we can conveniently reach all of the Midwest cities within 2- to-3 hrs. Bloomington, IL is the ideal single location to cover the Central Illinois territory from one site. When your product is ready to be delivered and installed, our location and vast service offerings give you extensive and thorough coverage of Central Illinois and the Midwest region.

Equipped with an alarm system and video surveillance, our fully secured facility protects your shipment, 24/7. In addition, our warehouse is secured to TSA standards, with an STA-approved office and warehouse staff. Our clean, temperature-controlled facility ensures that your product is not only safe (and ready for the next flight out) but also, fully preserved and intact.

Additional Warehousing Options & Transportation Services

When your freight arrives at our facility, our staff will coordinate everything under one roof for a seamless transfer. If your shipment needs to be stored for a shorter period of time, our cross-docking service will properly organize your shipment, and then place it on outbound trucks for delivery.

Need your inventory stored for a longer period of time? With our long-term warehousing, we’ll manage your inventory for however long you need. When you seek a 3PL provider that you can trust, WayPoint Logistics partners with your business to help you extend your products and services throughout the Midwest.

If your inventory is particularly essential to your customers and end-users, we also offer critical parts warehousing. From medical equipment and supplies to computers and electronic components, we manage your business’s most vital assets with unmatched care.

Whether your product needs to be stored for two weeks or six months, WayPoint Logistics safeguards your shipment every step of the way. Our transportation services will take your inventory to the final mile, keeping your customers happy with friendly, professional service. Always ready to handle the job, we will prepare your shipment and complete your delivery with our on-demand service.

Our Other Warehousing Services

WayPoint Logistics offers a number of additional warehousing services, including:

Plan Your Short-Term Warehousing With WayPoint Logistics

Your business’s supply chain requires a strong strategy. When you need to store your products and supplies in the Central Illinois region, there is no better place than WayPoint Logistics.

To arrange short-term warehousing with our team, contact WayPoint Logistics or call our facility at 309.661.3744 today.

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