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Dedicated Shipping Routes in Bloomington, IL & Normal, IL

Prioritizing Your Shipment for a Prompt Delivery

When your shipment needs special treatment, WayPoint Logistics customizes its services to meet your specific needs. Our dedicated routes will take your shipment from point A to point B, with no stops in between, ensuring the fastest delivery times possible—without ever sacrificing service quality.

Finding the Right Vehicle for Your Shipment

From cars to large trucks, WayPoint Logistics’ vast vehicle selection is guaranteed to meet your every shipping need. We have an entire vehicle fleet at our full disposal to provide you with the most productive, cost-effective solution possible.

Your Shipment Never Leaves Our Sight

Our technology includes advanced tracking capabilities and real-time status updates to guarantee fast delivery times. From the moment your package is passed along to our team, we keep our eyes on your shipment—every mile, every minute.

Our Additional Courier Services

Whether you need your shipment delivered immediately or within a 24-hour window, WayPoint Logistics offers a wide range of courier services to meet your every need.

When you need your package STAT, our expedited service will have your package delivered within one to four hours. Or, with our same-day courier service & next-day courier service, we’ll pick up your packages, and then deliver them to meet your deadlines and mandates.

Does your package need to go the distance, fast? With our Next Flight Out (NFO) service, we can quickly get your package aboard the next flight. WayPoint Logistics is an Authorized Representative for Indirect Air Carriers (IAC), with the power to reliably get your package on the next flight out.

Schedule Your Dedicated Shipping Route With WayPoint Logistics

If your shipment is critical, WayPoint Logistics provides the exclusive and special treatment that you need to ensure a timely, reliable delivery.

To schedule a dedicated route with our team, fill out our online form or call WayPoint Logistics at 309.661.3744 today.

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