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The Speed You Need, the Integrity You Deserve

When poorly executed, freight can weigh down your business with unwanted damage and unnecessary delays while you wait through a slow resolution process.

At WayPoint Logistics, we know that you deserve better.

Too many 3PL providers cut corners with freight services. Standing out from the rest, WayPoint Logistics is proud to offer more than just fast delivery times and quality customer service. When you entrust your freight with our team, we put our principles and integrity first. As long as your freight is in our hands, your customers can count on a speedy delivery that’s backed by honesty and accountability.

While many freight carriers fail to show regard for your shipment and your deadlines, we care about both—and we’re never satisfied until you are. We specialize in not only freight services, but positive customer experiences, too.

WayPoint Logistics’ Freight Services

Benefiting both your business and end-users, WayPoint Logistics offers a wide range of freight services, including:

Handling Your Freight & Professional Image With Unmatched Care

From our dedicated team, to our cutting-edge technology and our secure warehouse, you can rest assured that both your freight and your clients will be treated with the utmost attention and care.

Our GPS tracking capabilities and automated status updates provide you with complete visibility to monitor your shipment through every stage and to ensure accountability.

Safeguarding your image, our professional drivers take your freight to the final mile in our clean company vehicles. Wearing uniforms and ID badges, each of our representatives will exceed your end-users’ expectations with superior customer service.

WayPoint Logistics customizes its services to your clients’ unique needs, deadlines and key metrics. Specializing in customized solutions, we thrive in challenges that cause other companies to crumble.

Partner With WayPoint Logistics for Freight Services

To schedule freight services with our team, fill out our online form or call WayPoint Logistics at 309.661.3744 today.

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