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Order Fulfillment Services in Bloomington, IL

Preparing Your Shipment With Speed & Precision

When your stock needs to be shipped, WayPoint Logistics is here to do the job with the speed and accuracy that you need.

What if you could reduce your supply chain costs while focusing on your core business objectives? With WayPoint Logistics’ wide range of services, you can do just that.

Fast and accurate order fulfillment is a must. Your business depends on it—and your customers expect it.

Whether you are a 3PL provider or an online retailer, our order fulfillment services will meet your demands and provide exceptional order fulfillment. Offering a range of service offerings, we can have your order fulfilled within 15 minutes, or packed and shipped within 24 hours.

Service That’s Tailored to Your Needs

At the end of the day, nothing matters more to your business than happy customers. While other companies refuse to deviate from their standard procedures, we know that this is a flawed approach. Our flexibility means that we can customize our services according to your specific needs—not the other way around.

Your business deserves more than just an efficient 3PL provider; it deserves a team that cares enough about your success to bend where other companies break. This is exactly what you’ll find when you partner with WayPoint Logistics.

Our order fulfillment services are tailored to your business entirely. When your business needs to excel in the Midwest, there’s no team that’s more invested in your success than WayPoint Logistics. We are more than just a service provider; we are a partner that is committed to helping businesses stand out in their saturated markets.

Full-Circle Solutions for Every Industry

WayPoint Logistics is proud to serve many different industries. When you need a reliable 3PL provider in Central Illinois, our professional staff and transportation services will seamlessly take your stock through the life cycle of your supply chain.

Need your inventory delivered at a moment’s notice? Our on-demand service and expedited service is always available to your business as needed, when needed.

WayPoint Logistics also offers a number of different transportation services. We specialize in final mile delivery, and execute every delivery with the efficiency and speed that’s needed to satisfy your customers. Through every stage, from warehousing to delivery, WayPoint Logistics helps your business effectively compete and prosper in the Midwest.

Our Other Warehousing Services

In addition to order fulfillment, WayPoint Logistics offers several other warehousing services, including:

Plan Your Order Fulfillment With WayPoint Logistics

It’s imperative that end-users receive their products fast and in proper condition. With WayPoint Logistics’ order fulfillment services, you can rest assured that your business’s image will be protected. We do our job right—so that you can remain focused on yours.

Is your stock ready for delivery? Schedule your order online today. Or, for more information regarding our order fulfillment services, contact WayPoint Logistics or call our facility at 309.661.3744 today.

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