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As a third-party logistics provider, our team oversees the entire lifecycle of your shipment. From dock, to stock and delivery, our experts coordinate the strategy and hotshot solutions that you need for a positive outcome. When the most pressing circumstances arise, WayPoint Logistics bends where other companies break. 



For every deadline and specific need that you may have, WayPoint Logistics manages your transport in a cohesive, logical fashion. From courier and freight, to final mile delivery, our flexibility and technological capabilities lead to guaranteed satisfact

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When your products are stored in our facility, you can rest assured that they are in the best of hands. Our value added services, order fulfillment and real-time inventory updates prove that there is no better place for your inventory than in our highly secured warehouse.

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Industries Served

Our elasticity and logistics expertise enables our team to serve a wide range of industries and businesses. From manufacturing and E-commerce, to electronics and medical/pharmaceutical, our services are tailored to packages of all shapes and sizes.

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Our Standout Strengths

Daily business operations are time-consuming enough. And so, we understand the frustrations of a partnership that weighs down your business. That’s why, at WayPoint Logistics, we execute our communications openly and efficiently, ensuring that your partnership with our team is an asset, not a liability. Our transparency and flexibility generates positive results for not only your business, but also for your end-user.

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Tailored & Trusted Service

A one-size-fits-all approach does not cut it in third-party logistics. At WayPoint Logistics, we customize our services to meet your exact demands. With our unique adaptability, we adjust our methods to meet all of your account-specific requirements.

Prime Location

Located in the heart of Illinois and accessible by three major interstates, WayPoint Logistics is at the hub of connecting your supply chain to the entire Midwest. When you seek a provider that can seamlessly manage your distribution needs, our ideal location is right on target.

Professional Team & Premium Solutions

Here at WayPoint Logistics, image matters. Providing our team members with uniforms and ID badges, we execute a professional appearance that mirrors our commitment to delivering the best service. From our staff to our technology, our image at WayPoint Logistics is a reflection of our premium service.

The Tools to Serve You Best

Pairing our management software with the right equipment enables WayPoint Logistics to meet all key metrics and service fulfillments. Demonstrating the utmost transparency and accountability, our time stamping and tracking capabilities allow you to see all of your packages—at all times.



Once your package is in our hands, it never leaves our sight. With our real-time tracking equipment that’s installed into every service vehicle, we can pinpoint your shipment’s exact location and stage.

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Warehouse Management

Depending on your preferences, we can either use our trusted warehouse management system, or your own. With WayPoint Logistics’ convenient online inventory access, you have complete visibility and accountability of your critical parts and supplies. When your inventory is in our control, you can rest assured that every critical part is accounted for and available when you need it most.

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