WayPoint Logistics: Delivering Solutions for all of your Logistics

WayPoint Logistics: Delivering Solutions for all of your Logistics

As a small business owner, one of the most important decisions you will make for your business is what method of supply chain management and logistics you will use. Distributing your products to a store or direct consumer takes careful and deliberate planning which is why so many small business owners are considering third-party logistics (3PL), companies to manage their supply chain.

3PL companies provide many different solutions for your small business needs from warehouse storage to assembly, shipping and can even provide support for your customers when it comes to taking orders and fulfillment. Utilizing a 3PL company lifts the enormous burden of logistics off the shoulders of the small business owner and allows you to focus on managing your business and employees.

The other solution for small business owners is to lease or purchase their own warehouse space and hire a team of people and train them to handle your supply chain. Depending on your business, this could also involve hiring a transportation crew and vehicles as well. There are also high insurance costs associated with this strategy and creates more people for the business owner to try to manage.

What a 3PL solution can look like for your business:



3PLs like Waypoint Logistics offer the most flexibility in your supply demands. Allowing you flexibility in your warehouse and storage budget, the option to add on more space when you need it and scale down when necessary as well. Rather than leasing an entire warehouse or storage facility where you may only use a fraction of the space most of the year, Waypoint Logistics makes it possible to utilize flexible space and reduce your overhead costs.


Being able to handle every aspect of a small business is not something that owners are expected to be able to do. There are not enough hours in the day to be able to do every job. That is why owners hire employees. A 3PL company works for you to handle all of the logistics and supply chain needs of your business. The people working behind the scenes at a 3PL our experts in what they do which reduces errors increases customer satisfaction and gets your products to retailers and consumers much faster than if you were managing your supply chain all on your own.

Money Saving

There is no secret that shipping is expensive and your time is valuable. The most competitive, large box retailers and e-commerce businesses can afford to offer free shipping to their customers. Small companies usually don’t have this luxury, especially when they are shipping few items at a time. A 3PL partner can pass down savings to you through the volume discounts that they can get for shipping rates. Small business owners also do not have to shoulder the cost of payroll and insurance for the warehousing and shipping employees, drivers, leasing warehouse space and other expenses associated with a supply chain.

Space Saving

Starting off your small business in your basement, garage, or small office is not uncommon for startups. However, as companies become more successful, they begin to outgrow their space. Sometimes this happens incredibly fast for some businesses. Using a 3PL such as Waypoint Logistics means that you can turn your basement into the man cave you always wanted; let your wife start parking her car in the garage, or let go of that old warehouse space on the edge of town that leaks and has mice.

Drawbacks to 3PL for Your Business:

Upfront Cost

Many people are put off by the upfront cost of hiring a 3PL partner. Small business owners should think about the value of their time, customer relations, and smooth operating procedures. WayPoint Logistics specializes in the shipping and distribution of products. When you partner with the WayPoint team, they take care of business—so that you can remain focused on yours. The benefits and freedom from logistics management typically outweigh the costs of 3PL.

Taking a Hands-Off Approach

3PL companies work for you, but their employees work from them. Small business owners must be able to let go of the reins and allow a third party to have partnered control over their storage, assembly, packaging and distribution of goods. Sometimes this can be very difficult for owners who need to be able to see and know what is going on at all times. Small business owners can be confident that WayPoint Logistics makes every effort to keep business owners in the loop with metrics for their business anytime.

WayPoint Logistics is conveniently located in Central Illinois where many major highways and interstates merge making distributing goods fast, comfortable, and efficient. Contact WayPoint today to discuss their 3PL solutions for your small business today.

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