Waypoint Logistics: E-Commerce Transportation & Warehousing Done Right

Waypoint Logistics: E-Commerce Transportation & Warehousing Done Right

Companies globally are always competing for a piece of the international market share, a struggle that has seen a number of companies take advantage of sourcing efficiencies and higher production. Admittedly, e-commerce, as a business, has progressively enjoyed such opportunities but at the same time faced challenges, among them logistical in nature.​ ​The continued surge in online shopping has consequently bulldozed logistics operations especially in first world countries like the United States and European countries like Poland.

Such dynamic circumstances effectively stress the importance of companies relying on effective and efficient supply chain logistics functions as key determinants for the smooth trend of data, products and materials. Besides, a company’s profitability depends on, among other factors, its pricing in logistics and transportation. Logistics is deemed to be popular and aids a lot in competitive advantage.

As many virtual transactions involving goods and services continue to boom in the international market, the need to have warehousing services has risen, a shift that has been linked to minimized risk and maximized output. E-commerce warehousing is the storing of goods before they are sold online. This task requires proper management for the accountability and efficiency of its operations. Without proper e-commerce warehouse management, a lot of operations may fail. We thus find it important to highlight the various challenges faced by E-commerce businesses and the mitigation measures to counteract such challenges.


Due to the nature of ecommerce unpredictability, goods tend to overstay in warehouses and eventually turn to be obsolete or wanting of quality especially for perishable materials. Such unwanted eventualities lead to losses including the paying of warehouse services and unrecoverable leases.


Online retailing warehouses are vulnerable to losses due to seasonality. This affects shelf space allocation, pricing, and order of quantity, incidences that may result in changes in handling equipment, labor force and storage space capacity.

Order picking

Picking and packaging of low-cost valuables demand an equal measure of focus and effort as picking and packaging of highly valuable items. This poses a challenge specifically when picking single-handed small items, packages that tend to be tedious and mostly affect traditional warehouses.

Lead time

Due to the unknown nature in regards to consumer and seller relationships, companies are forced to deliver products in the least time possible to win the heart of the consumer. This has led warehouses to work overnight in processing and packaging orders.

Inventory Management

Warehouses require detailed stock quantity management for the smooth processing of orders. This avoids piles of out-of-data products and slow-moving goods from taking up much space. As a result, it helps companies in processing orders evenly and in the least time possible. Moreover, the process gives businesses more room for inventory.

Evidently, the above challenges are proof enough that modern-day problems require modern-day solutions, fixes that are well provided for by Third Party Logistics (3PL). ​Waypoint Logistics​ in Bloomington, Illinois has proved to be among the best 3PL companies as it offers a variety of modern logistic freight forwarding services including negotiating affordable prices on behalf of their clients to move goods on international routes that best enhances cost, reliability and speed. In addition, parties that have employed services of a freight forwarder are ahead of their competitors as they bring value in terms of flexibility that allows companies to change their shipping companies or technique without breaking a sweat. New business owners will find a new low-risk shipping method that best suits them through freight forwarders.

Versatility presents another important value that comes with having freight forwarding services. Having an alternative for emergencies is priority to Waypoint Logistics. They understand that delays translate to losses and they will do everything to avoid that. They also are responsible for handling all documentation which is inclusive of contacting your shipping company to bank statements and paying bills.​ ​Waypoint Logistics also handles customs related issues like clearance of shipments. They will make sure that your goods adhere to all rules and regulations of different countries and pass through all borders with ease. Last but not least, they offer additional services such as giving details on-demand reporting and purchase tracking which is a plus to be ahead of the game.

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