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At Waypoint Logistics, we have a solid reputation as the best courier service in Bloomington, IL. What makes our Bloomington, IL, courier delivery service stand out is the huge menu of courier options we have to offer. Plus, our prices are some of the most competitive in the industry. Our company believes in putting the needs of our customers above all else, which is one reason why we experience a tremendous amount of repeat business. Once we snag a customer, we usually have their business for life.

Bloomington, Illinois, is known as being one of the most technologically forward communities in the entire state. At Waypoint Logistics, we have utilized the latest technological advances to boost our service capabilities to the max. We are commonly asked the complicated question, “how much does messenger service cost?” How much services cost depends on which services you need.

The Best Choice for Chicago Courier Services

At Waypoint Logistics, we offer expedited delivery to Bloomington and Peoria, Illinois, at prices that are hard to beat. We are a 3PL provider that knows how important of a resource time can be for a profiting business. Our team is equipped to provide fast solutions that clients can depend on. We offer one hour, two hours, and four hour service options that can make sure the positive outcome you desire is brought forth.

Our Bloomington messenger service goes the extra mile to provide precise service in a timely manner. Not only will our team work endlessly to meet your needs, but our staff will happily answer your questions while treating you with the highest level of respect. You can entrust your shipping needs in our capable hands because we always deliver.

Service Options to Take Advantage of

By offering the best courier and delivery service in Bloomington, IL, we have ourselves a cornerstone in our community. Our courier services can include expedited services, in addition to next or same day delivery services. We also offer scheduled service options, as well as dedicated routes.

Next flight out service is another option our team at Waypoint Logistics can offer to serve your needs. On demand services can also be taken advantage of. The service menu we offer is designed to help as many clients as possible meet the growing demands of their business.

Our technology and tools are what makes our service run smoothly and seamlessly, which is another reason we appeal to such a wide variety of industries. While you remain focused on the important aspects of your company’s daily operations, we can take care of your professional shipping needs.

Satellite GPS Tracking Technology

Our Bloomington courier services use state of the art satellite GPS tracking technology to keep up with all of our shipments. Through our dispatch tracking management systems, the locations of all shipments are updated in real time. Our company is dedicated to providing courier services and shipping solutions that meet the growing demand of your industry. It is free to request a quote for our stellar services.

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