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Carriers are large delivery companies with a network of transportation channels that suit its category. An international transport company has a larger fleet that also includes airplanes and ships, while a domestic transport company has a trusted chain of vans and trucks.

Most freight companies offer a variety of shipment services, including transportation of bulky items and small ones like parcels and pallets. Small courier companies are convenient for sending of documents for corporate services while bigger ones can send bulky items like vehicles. Learning the basic of each type improves your chances for a flourishing business.

Types of courier service in Peoria IL


This option sticks with common sets of parameters and is dependable for small to mid-sized luggage

International services

These services have a wider network or connections and use sea and air freight to navigate international borders and laws


Same-day delivery and courier service are convenient for sending medical emergencies, customer returns and important documents. While they are not dependable with your average courier service, Waypoint has on-demand services that will keep your operations running smooth.

Finding the right East Preoria IL courier service is only difficult when you do not know how to filter through the noise of unguaranteed promises. Knowledge about the most reliable couriers and delivery services in Peoria IL is easy to master because there are few regulations governing domestic shipping. Use these guidelines to ensure that the service has a heavy bias towards your customer.

The best courier service in Peoria IL

Customer satisfaction

Decide on the specific requirements of your customer and stick to them if you want to find a transport company with the same ideals. Studies indicate that most clients are content with receiving their orders within days or a few days or a few days shy of the estimated delivery date.

It would be convenient for you to find a courier service that has a fast shipping option. Your client may have to pay extra for the following special services:

  • Scheduled services
  • On-demand deliveries
  • Expedited services
  • Deadline deliveries
  • Next-flight out services
  • Use of dedicated routes

Reasonable costs

The price of long-distance Best East Peoria courier services is the determining factor in whether the business will be beneficial for your case. Do not always fall for the appraised brand name with hefty fees, because are only eager to offer higher prices while delivering regular services.

Instead, work with a Central Illinois Courier that understands the structures of small businesses if you want personalized service. We understand that small businesses want to deliver products to direct clients and warehouses, and have a conducive 3PL program to manage a smooth supply chain.


An average courier service in Peoria IL will have strict requirements about the products you intend to post. Some do not allow shipment of controversial items like CBD because it puts their business at risk. Others do not have the necessary certifications to send legally authorized weapons.

Waypoint has outstanding delivery and courier services in Peoria IL because we value transparency and flexibility. While we may not be able to ship some items, you have the guarantee that neither you nor your clients will fall into trouble because complicated legalities.



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