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The last mile delivery may not appear obviously significant, but it makes up about 28% of the total cost of a shipment. In addition, consumers gradually turning to e-commerce for all their shopping needs is changing the way shippers see last mile delivery. To understand the benefits and major concerns of last mile delivery, your company needs to know what constitutes last mile delivery.

What Is the Last Mile Delivery? 

How does last mile delivery work? To simply put it, last mile delivery is the movement of packages from a particular warehouse or transportation center to its last destination. Most times, the final delivery destination is usually to the end-user. The major aim of the last mile logistics is to deliver the item to the end-user as fast as possible.

The last mile delivers one of the most crucial elements in transportation networks and is also the key to customer satisfaction. Though the last mile is the most expensive and time-consuming part of the entire shipping process, it can save you a significant amount of money and time if done right. 

What are the Challenges with Last Mile Delivery? 

Urban last mile logistics may be challenging with the parking regulations and navigating traffic, and the worldwide delivery problems may significantly increase last mile logistic costs. In rural areas, package delivery outlets along a certain path could be lots of miles apart, with only one or two items getting delivered at each delivery outlet.

The ineptitudes and costs of the last mile logistics issue have only been further aggravated by the nonstop rise of e-commerce in retail sales that has significantly increased the number of packages been supplied daily, as well as customer expectations, which comprises of not just speedy delivery, but also free delivery.

How Much Does Last Mile Delivery Cost?

Last mile logistics comprises 28% of the entire cost of a shipment. While truckload pricing is calculated on a rate per mile for the distance covered, last-mile logistics rate expressions can be a bit more complicated. The rate can be based on a variety of factors related to capacity utilization, distance, weight, pieces, time, item classification, and additional services offered at the point of origin, destination, or during transit. 

Why Choose WayPoint Logistics for your Needs?

That’s easy. We offer fast delivery, precise order tracking, security & insurance, specialization, and convenience. We are one of the top last mile delivery companies in Chicago that effectively uses cutting edge technology to run the entire scope of the last mile delivery process, starting from pickup to delivery. In fact, our Satellite GPS Vehicle Tracking and Dispatch Management System help us manage delivery via automated asset tracking and keeping you updated throughout the entire phase.

WayPoint Logistics provides the most efficient final mile logistics solution that tackles the problems revolving around the last mile logistic system. Plus, some of the other specialized delivery services we also offered besides final mile delivery include blanket wrap, inside pickup & delivery, and white glove delivery.


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