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The world has taken the form of a globalized economy. For any business to flourish, it is now essential for every product business to be well connected and serve not only in the area where they reside but also in other areas/towns/cities/countries. This requires an essential need for hiring a good logistics and transportation service. This way, the business can deliver parcels everywhere from the place of their operations.

Several new Third-party logistics companies are formed, and hiring the best employees who are highly responsible and committed to their work is crucial for every company. Mostly small or start-up businesses since this is their one chance to set a name for their on time and perfect condition product deliveries.

Waypoint logistics is a top of the line logistics company situated right in the middle of Illinois, USA. Waypoint Logistics specializes in 3PL solutions and has unsurpassed excellence in final mile logistics. At Waypoint, we are fully aware of how crucial it is to deliver parcels to the right place at the right time. Hence, we have set an entire web of our team to ensure that the packages reach their final destination on the estimated date and time, in perfect condition.

Quick Service

Our service has acquired licenses from the Customized Logistics and Delivery Association and the Express Careers Association to ensure that we can deliver all sorts of parcels whenever and wherever you need them. A sudden need for any package delivery can arise anytime. At Waypoint, we are fully equipped and prepared to manage such deliveries, making us an expert in Last-Mile logistics. We have our warehouse located at the intersection of three significant interstates due to which we can transport your packages to major Midwest cities in no time. Along with this, we have also managed a secure connection to transport our shipments. We also offer a Next Flight Out service under which for immediate or urgent deliveries, we get your freight placed in passenger aircraft to ensure the fastest delivery mode.


To ensure your comfort and make you trustful of the journey, we have even enabled our online tracking system that tracks your package from the moment it enters our warehouse to the time it gets delivered to the location.

Our Team

Our team consists of highly trained individuals that are fully aware of the TSA standards. We make sure that all packages that enter our delivery service system are kept in an organized and well-maintained fashion, ensuring the uncompromised safety of your parcel.

Waypoint logistics was initiated with one main aim, to ease the logistics for businesses and provide them with a safe and reliable platform for fast and secure deliveries. So far, we are excelling at what we aimed, and we do not plan on stopping anytime soon, making us your best bet for 3PL solutions. Give us a fair chance, and we promise not to disappoint.

Contact Us: For further inquiry about our third-party logistics solutions, contact Waypoint Logistics at 309-661-3744.

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