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Managers face the dilemma of which dynamics to include in new warehouse construction. The answer to most of the related questions varies according to the operational needs of the courier service and clients. These factors will also determine how clients analyze the best Bloomington IL commercial real estate for sale and lease. The courier consultant may be able to help if you can ask fundamental questions that pinpoint your desires with the property.

Current business location

This aspect determines how far one can expand their business within and without the state. Regional operations may need additional warehouse space in Bloomington IL to operate gaps that would otherwise be difficult to cover in distribution; hence it is prudent to choose one that can service multiple businesses.

Access to transport hubs

One half of your business’ success depends on the amount of trust you place on the Bloomington IL office and commercial warehouse. You will be responsible for getting the products to the courier’s warehouse in time so that they can process the orders to meet the specified shipping plan.

Luckily, Waypoint has strategically placed warehouse spaces to fasten the receiving and sending of goods. Our warehouse is at the drop point of Chicago, Indianapolis, Davenport, and St. Louis. The location has enough transport hubs from all four cities and intercity highways with minimal traffic in and out of the collecting warehouses.


The location of the warehouse will determine the amount of money you spend on rent. Locations with dense populations have a higher demand for land and therefore have high rental fees.

You can reduce the value of the rent by choosing a spot outside the norm. It is essential to consider all other factors before selecting the property. Remember that a business-friendly location will also reduce your property taxes and reduce the substantial financial weight of Bloomington warehouses and industrial property for rent.


It is impossible to account for every extreme weather event in a particular area. This truth holds a deeper meaning at this point in history because the rising global temperatures are slowly shifting weather conditions and causing constant catastrophes. The only way of ascertaining the longevity of a business is by researching the promise of an experienced courier service.

They may let you know of minor seasonal environmental scares that help you plan your shipment for smooth operations with clients. Waypoint takes pride in maintaining the stability and security of the clients’ products and will help in building a robust operational schedule.

Another aspect that affects the sustainability of your business is security against vandalism and theft. We have technologies that monitor the inside and outside of all Bloomington IL warehouse for lease to provide clients to add the security of an alarm system, STA-approved staff, and keypad access.


Waypoint can organize a visit to the warehouse for you to verify that the layout of the warehouse space in Bloomington IL should have enough storage space for big inventories.

A good space will have the floor at the same level as the vehicles to reduce the labor of moving products. Moreso, it should have enough space to sustain a stack of heavy items such as metal. These measurements mean that the ceiling should be high enough to give a decent clearing space for the movement of cranes.

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