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The best warehouse storage in Bloomington, IL, is offered by our team at Waypoint Logistics. Our company has warehouses for rent in Bloomington, Illinois, that are affordable and spacious. The sheer number of warehouse storage options we have to offer is one reason we have been rated as a top service provider in the warehouse storage industry. Short term warehouse storage from our team at Waypoint Logistics can not only be enjoyed by Bloomington residents, but also by residents of Normal, IL.

Our state of the art company can offer clients over nine thousand square feet that we dedicate solely to short term warehousing. Since storage needs can fluctuate, we are always striving to keep up with the latest demands, which is why we offer floor, bulk, and standard rack pallet space as storage options. We don’t ever make you pay for space you don’t utilize, which is another reason why our customers return to us for all of their warehouse storage needs.

Critical Parts Warehousing Services

Regardless of how long you need warehousing storage, our team at Waypoint Logistics can help. Our critical parts warehousing services can house medical supplies and equipment, in addition to electrical components. You can count on our team to manage the important assets of your company with the utmost care. Not only are we the best cold storage warehouse in Bloomington, IL, we are also known as a highly respected indoor outdoor office warehouse.

Clients can count on our team to safeguard the assets they have in storage. Our clean and spacious warehouses are monitored twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Not only do we have a top grade alarm system in place, but we also have video surveillance that archives all footage that is recorded. By using keypad access to warehouse storage, you can feel safe when you put your trust in our exceptional company.

Preventing Shrinkage

Our Bloomington storage options can prevent shrinkage from taking place in your storage warehouse. Our goal is to provide effective solutions our clients can count on at a price that is fair and reasonable. By preventing unnecessary shrinking to the assets in the care of our inventory management services, we help you protect and preserve your valuable business assets. The inventory management services we offer can help you get the most of your warehouse storage needs. Our system is designed on our clients achieving success through practical solutions that save time and money.

Embracing the Dawning of a New Era

The dawn of the technological age brought in a new era for many businesses. At Waypoint Logistics, we welcomed and embraced this new era with open arms. After all, if you don’t keep up with the present, you will be left in the past. Our innovative company has always been at the top of our industry, which is why we have learned to change with the times. Using cutting edge technology, we keep our units safe, secure, and free of intrusions from any type of outside forces. Our Bloomington, IL, self-storage abilities are a price friendly option to consider.

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